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The AcuMark™ Sizing Balloon (Lifetech) is a double-lumen catheter which is designed to measure cardiovascular defects such as an ASD.

Positioning message

·Soft compliance material

·Easy to use

·Precise measurement

·Option for different size

·The balloon is made of soft compliance TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) plastic membrane.

-Minimize invasive of defect

-Suitable for sizing

·Easy to use

-The balloon-carrying segment is angled 45ⅹ to the shaft 

-Providing a right-angled position in relation to the atrial septum. 

-Double-lumen catheter

·Precise measurement

Four radiopaque markbands at 10 mm, 5 mm and 2mm intervals (as measured from leading edge to leading edge) are used as a distance reference for magnification correction.

·Option for different size- 3 codes cover all kind of defect size

-Up to 18mm

-Up t0 28mm

AcuMarkTM Sizing Ballnoon

Cat.NoBalloon Length (mm)Maximum Defect Size (mm)Shaft Size (Fr.)Shaft Usable  Length (mm)Guidewire(inches)Maximum   Inflation Volume (cc)